Chapter 1  : Chapter 1  : How Dare You Hit Your Old ManYan Jinyi had been resurrected.

In order to wait for an empty slot in the resurrection quota, she had queued up in the underworld for 500 years.

It couldn’t be helped. At that time, the battle was intense. As the leader of the bandits who advocated unity and was kind and loyal, how could she see her brothers die a horrible death?

All of a sudden, she couldn’t control herself and… killed all the enemies.

Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t have to queue up for such a long time.

Yan Jinyi lay straight on the large and spacious bed, keeping her eyes fixed on the ceiling. If not for the fact that her chest was heaving up and down, others would probably think that she was dead.

All of a sudden, a palm was swung at her face without warning, immediately leaving a handprint on her fair face.

“Still pretending to be dead, eh? B*tch, how dare you seduce my fiancé? I must beat you up and kill you today!”

The hot, stinging pain in her face made Yan Jinyi shudder before she snapped back to her senses immediately.

She focused her vision and saw the haughty and domineering woman standing in front of her.

The makeup on her face was very heavy and she looked just like a ghost from Hell. She was dressed skimpily and all her limbs were exposed.

At this moment, the woman was about to slap her again but Yan Jinyi reacted quickly as she turned over and sprung up, kicking the woman with all her might and causing her to fly.

“Where did this shrew come from? How dare you hit me?”

While speaking, she looked around and was suddenly stunned. ‘Where in hell is this?’

There were a lot of men and women dressed in strange clothing surrounding her in the house. All of them were either surprised or gloating at her.

In addition, there were also many bizarre-looking things on display around. They were black and illuminated.

Although those things were strange to her, she felt a sense of familiarity.

She remembered that the employees of the underworld told her that the world that she was going to be resurrected in would be different from the world she was from. They allowed her to possess someone else’s body because they were scared that she could not get used to it.


Yan Jinyi was still digesting the memory in her head, but the woman she kicked away just now had already charged towards her aggressively and was about to slap her. Yan Jinyi’s eyelids twitched and she reached out to drag the woman by her arm. With raised brows, she questioned indifferently, “Do you have a death wish?”

Cheng Ruoxue would have never expected that the weakling Yan Jinyi would suddenly behave like a completely different person. Not only did she kick her, she even threatened her. Overwhelmed with pique, she barked, “Yan Jinyi, you’re the one who has a death wish. Director Li, you must chase this little b*tch out of set today. Otherwise, I won’t go on with the shoot!”

The surrounding people began talking and comforting Cheng Ruoxue.

Yan Jinyi pinched the spot in the middle of her forehead. She suddenly recalled that she was… a celebrity now.

The set was similar to the opera houses of her era.

She was the leader of the Black Cloud Fortress, whose name would make others shudder in fear. Yet, she actually became a lowly actress who was a pushover that others would trample all over. Outrageous!

‘However, isn’t the original owner of this body already married?’

‘Her husband is wealthy but she ended up in such a pathetic state.’

‘Yeah, it seems that she isn’t likable and her husband’s family doesn’t acknowledge her.’

She quickly filtered all the memories of the original owner before looking up at the person in front of her. “Are you Cheng Ruoxue?”

Cheng Ruoxue, who was still threatening the director, was immediately stunned and a look of puzzlement appeared in her menacing eyes after hearing those words.

“Are you crazy? Don’t you know who I am?”

“I’m not crazy.” She paused and continued with a solemn expression, “You are.”

Cheng Ruoxue’s face was suddenly twisted and she threatened, “Director Li, I don’t care how suitable she is for this role. As long as Yan Jinyi is part of the cast, I will never return to set again.”

Director Li looked extremely conflicted and he seemed to have been put in a spot. Yan Jinyi was recommended to him by a friend. He admired her for her talent and good acting chops but now…

Cheng Ruoxue raised her chin a little and said arrogantly, “What’s the matter? Director Li, do you dare to offend Third Young Master Huo too? Fine, I’ll call Third Young Master now.”