Chapter 991: Did Not Change the Past  

Editor: Millman97

"Me too..." Xinghe smiled. "I also forgot about you after I woke up. It was weird; my memory of that time completely disappeared; no one even brought it up again. so I was unable to remember you."

"Me too." Mubai sighed. At the time, neither of them knew each other. After the explosion, Mubai’s bodyguards soon arrived at the scene by tracing the Mubai’s phone. However, Mubai had suffered great injuries. He was sent by to City T by the Xi family. For some weird reasons, he seemed to have lost that part of his memory after he’d woken up, and his family had decided to let that be.

After Xinghe woke up, she was interrogated by the police, but since she could not remember anything, there was nothing she could answer. Thankfully, the hotel manager stepped in to vouch for her. Later, Lylian’s real murderer was apprehended, so the police let her go. At the time, the police did ask her whether she knew Mubai, but since she had lost her memory, of course, her answer was no.

After that, she tried to trace back her steps and reasoning for going to Darlin Town, but she came up with nothing. Regarding Xi Mubai, since he did not crop up in her life again, she had completely forgotten about him.

Many years later, that incident was completely removed from her mind, and she could not even recognize Mubai’s name or face anymore. Even after their marriage and divorce, she still did not recognize him.

Therefore, Xinghe came up with the theory that the memory of that period only belonged in that period and would not continue beyond that allocated timeframe. After all, that period should not have existed as it was forced into being.

Only the future them would remember it happening and not the past them. Mubai agreed.

He smiled and said, "Looks like what they say is correct. The me in this second is different from the me in the last second. Changing the past is something very hard to do because a large piece of time and space will be twisted, and who is man to challenge the natural process of time and space?"

Xinghe nodded. "You’re right, but thankfully, we have managed to change the past."

"No, we did not change anything." Mubai shook his head.

Xinghe frowned. "We didn’t?"

If they didn’t, then how could he be so leisurely?

As if reading her thought, Mubai could not help but smile. "But we have changed the future."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Lylian’s body was destroyed in the explosion, but at least we managed to keep her whole body. However, the man still acknowledged our effort and he was willing to give the world another 25 years. Therefore, I said we did not change the past, but we did change the future."

"He acknowledged it?" Xinghe was shocked.

"Yes, perhaps he did not care so much about the result as much as the process."

Xinghe understood. The man cared about how Lylian died, after all, dying in an explosion is a greater mercy than being chopped to pieces.

"Looks like this man really cared about Lylian’s murder. I really did not expect him to make a concession; Lylian must have been very important to him."

Mubai nodded. "Perhaps. Regardless, this is our victory."

"Where is my mother?" Xinghe suddenly asked.

Mubai took out a piece of paper note and passed it to her. "We were already here when I woke up. This is the only message she left behind. She said she was going to meet that man and will return to find us when everything is taken care of."