Chapter 2145: Trampling the Golden Crow race

The huge stone sword was hundreds of miles long and it covered many volcanoes as it struck down from the sky.

The stone sword fell, and the ground cracked open. Volcanoes exploded one after another, and lava wreaked havoc.


The cries of pain continued to ring out as the Golden crows were swept by the sword Qi and exploded one after another, their golden feathers flying in the air. “Who is it? You want to kill my golden Crow race I”

“Let’s escape first!”

The Golden Crow clan was in complete chaos. One by one, the golden three-legged golden crows shot up into the sky, trying to escape.

However, in the sky, a figure holding a stone sword stepped through the air. Sword light burst forth, killing one golden Crow after another and falling down.

“Lu Ming, it’s you!”

A loud roar reverberated in all directions.

“It’s Lu Ming, it’s him!”

“Lu Ming, why do you want to kill the Golden Crow clan?!”

Upon hearing that it was Lu Ming, many golden crows panicked and roared.

“The Golden Crow Tribe shall be exterminated! ”

Lu Ming said coldly. The stone sword did not stop. With every slash, a golden Crow was killed.

Moreover, Lu Ming had specifically picked the powerful golden Crow race to kill.

In front of Lu Ming, even a true Emperor could not fight back and was killed with one sword.


In the next moment, Lu Ming’s eyes were fixed on a golden Crow. This golden Crow had an extremely powerful aura. It was a high-level true Emperor and was very likely a high-ranking member of the Golden Crow race.

“Run, run, run!”

The Golden Crow race’s tribe leader roared. He was truly panicking.

He did not expect Lu Ming to be able to control the celestial Thearch’s physical body. With the celestial Thearch’s sword in hand, he was astonishingly powerful. Even someone as powerful as him felt a sense of powerlessness.

lie could only escape and wait for Emperor tianluo and the MU family experts to kill Lu Ming.historical

However, in the next moment, he was in despair. A sword light broke through the void and approached him in an instant.


The Golden Crow race’s chief cried out in fear. His entire body was covered in golden flames as if he had turned into a huge sun. He wanted to block Lu Ming’s sword gleam.

but as the sword light passed, the flame was extinguished. A sword mark appeared on the Golden Crow race chief’s forehead. His soul had been destroyed.

The chief of the Golden Crow race had fallen!

This time, the energy stored in the celestial Thearch’s physical body had reached thirty-six percent. Even if Lu Ming controlled the celestial Thearch sword alone, no one below the great emperor realm could block it.

“The chief is dead!”


The Golden crows roared loudly. It was a mess, a complete mess!

Lu Ming continued to kill as he continuously slashed out sword beams, specifically targeting the true Emperor and empty Emperor realm golden crows.

The sword light was so fast that it pierced through the void. Even with the Golden crow’s extreme speed, it was difficult to escape.

One golden Crow after another fell to the ground and died!

Lu Ming only stopped after a long while.

Almost all the martial sovereigns of the Golden Crow clan had been slaughtered, and only a few of those below the rank of martial sovereign had managed to escape.

After this battle, the Golden Crow clan could be considered to have declined.

Lu Ming s figure flashed and he started to collect his spoils of war.

He put all the dead bodies of the Golden crows into a storage ring.

After cleaning up, Lu Ming turned and left.

As soon as Lu Ming left, many figures flashed over.

it was people from the other forces of ancient Moon Holy Land. The battle with the Golden Crow race had caused too much of a commotion. Sword Qi filled the sky and the cries of the Golden crows spread in all directions. Even from a long distance away, others had already noticed.

After these people arrived, they were deeply shocked.

The volcano exploded, and the ground was covered in lava and golden crow feathers.

From time to time, he could see the corpses of a few weaker golden crows. Lu Ming did not like them and did not take them away.

“Heavens, the Golden Crow race has been exterminated!”

Someone said in a trembling voice.

it’s Lu Ming. Someone shouted for Lu Ming just now!

“Lu Ming killed his way to the Golden Crow race and exterminated the Golden Crow race!”

Many people were dumbfounded.

Very quickly, this news spread like a hurricane throughout the entire ancient Moon Holy Land.

This was an explosive piece of news. Everyone and all the powerful forces were shocked.

Many people were dumbfounded when they heard this news. It was simply unbelievable and felt unreal!

Gu Yue Holy Land, the Golden Crow race that had been around for countless years had been destroyed.

The one who destroyed it was a young man, Lu Ming!

Many people recalled that when rhe great Yan elixir Palace was first born, the Golden Crow clan, the Sirius tower, and other forces sent martial sovereigns to suppress Lu Ming. Back then, Lu Ming once said that he would destroy the Golden Crow clan, the Sirius tower, and the others one day. Today, it was realized.

On this day, two terrifying experts descended from the wind race.

Emperor Tian Luo and the Emperor with a goatee from the MU family.

At this moment, he had received the news that the Golden Crow clan had been exterminated.

Lu Ming, you’re so decisive. I’ll make my move then!

The goateed Emperor of the MU clan coldly said.

brother mu, Lu Ming has a celestial Thearch’s body that can suppress a great emperor. We have to be on guard!

Emperor tianluo warned and briefly explained the incident between Lu Ming and the Emperor of the he family.

“Old man he is merely a one star great emperor. I’m a two star great emperor. I can suppress Lu Ming and kill him!”

The goateed Emperor sneered with confidence.

In the great emperor realm, the difference between each star was huge. Lu Ming could barely suppress the he family’s great emperor, but he could kill him.

At the same time, his eyes glowed with greed.

Celestial Emperor’s corporeal body!

Lu Ming actually had the celestial Thearch’s body in his hands. Lu Ming was able to suppress a one-star great emperor by controlling the celestial Thearch’s body. If it fell into his hands, wouldn’t he be able to dominate the great emperor realm?

Ills heart was burning.

“You guys wait for me here. If anything happens, immediately send me a message!”

The goateed Emperor took a step forward and left for the Golden Crow Tribe. By the time he reached the Golden Crow Tribe, Lu Ming was long gone.

“This kid, where will he go next?”

The goateed Emperor pondered.

Not long after, another explosive piece of news spread throughout the entire ancient Moon Holy Land.

The Skywolf tower was destroyed. Inside the Skywolf tower, terrifying skywolves were killed by Lu Ming one after another, and blood flowed like a river.

Gu Yue Holy Land was once again shaken.

Within a short period of time, Lu Ming had annihilated two powerful forces in a row. This was simply a magnitude 12 earthquake.

Gu Yue Holy Land was in an uproar. Everyone was discussing this matter, and at the same time, they sent people to monitor the development.

The goateed Emperor also received the news.

He tore through the void and rushed to the Skywolf tower. However, Lu Ming had already left.

this kid left quite quickly. lie wants to take revenge, lie’s going to trample on every family. That’s good. I’ll wait for him at the Wind Clan!

A cold smile appeared on the goateed Emperor’s face.

As for the Golden Crow clan, he didn’t care about the destruction of the Sirius tower at all.

His objective was to kill Lu Ming. What did the destruction of these forces have to do with him?

After he returned to the wind tribe, he immediately had a discussion with Emperor tianluo and the leader of the wind tribe. Not long after, the leader of the wind tribe sent out a message, asking the WAN family and the purple Extreme sect to retreat to the wind tribe. They would wait for Lu Ming there.

It was obvious that Lu Ming wanted to destroy the families one by one because he had the celestial Thearch’s physical body. She would just wait for him at the wind tribe..