Chapter 1144: Side Story (End)

Feng Rao was the queen of Cloud Mirror Academy. No one dared to provoke her.

She was devastatingly beautiful, and more than half the students bowed before her beauty. In addition, she had terrifying spiritual power.

More importantly, Gu Yunjing treasured her as much as Su Shenfan treasured Su Xiaoxiao.

Feng Qingtian didn’t like children that much and preferred to spend his days with just Gu Bailu, so Gu Yunjing treated Feng Rao like his own daughter.

This was the daughter of the woman he liked. How could he not treasure her?

If it wasn’t for the generation gap, Gu Yunjing might have snatched her away to be his wife, but she was his niece... so he had to give up.

Gu Yunjing felt that he was unlucky. None of the women he liked were his.

He thought it was fine. as long as they were happy.

Feng Rao gave the list to her lackeys. “Handle this. These ladies are all at Cloud Mirror Academy this year.”

Feng Rao had never thought about nurturing feelings. She saw Uncle Yunjing as an immortal who couldn’t cultivate feelings, so she planned to send women directly to his bed.

She didn’t believe that Uncle Yunjing could control himself...

No matter what he was in the past, he was still a mortal now.

Feng Rao was full of confidence, but she never thought... she would be doing this for twenty whole years...

On the other side, Bu Yaolian finally discovered the real reason for her change in status.

The big brother from next door and Shao Zun were the same person?

She couldn’t believe it.

That dark and big neighbor... really was nothing like the handsome Shao Zun.

That was one of the reasons why Shao Zun refused to admit that he was the big brother from next door.

Firstly, he blamed himself for not protecting Bu Yaolian back then and letting her family be bullied. He thought that she had died from a serious illness, and didn’t track her down.

Actually, Su Shenfan couldn’t be blamed. Bu Yaolian’s grandparents had created this fake story to survive, so Su Shenfan was naturally deceived.

Secondly, it was because Bu Yaolian had said that her neighbor was dark and big, and she had even been a little disdainful when she said it. How could Shao Zun let his childhood sweetheart despise him? Naturally, he didn’t dare say that the dark and big neighbor was him!

Bu Yaolian didn’t mention it after she found out, but every time she saw Su Shenfan’s handsome face, she would think of that dark and big neighbor. Sigh, even a grown man could change.

Seeing the cryptic way his wife often looked at him, Su Shenfan wondered if she was starting to disdain him because he was old.

So, he began to take care of himself in front of the mirror every day, as if he were an eighteen-year-old boy. He couldn’t allow his face to become wrinkled at all. He even learned beauty techniques from Gu Bailu, which infuriated Feng Qingtian so much that he wanted to throw him out.

Occasionally, Su Shenfan would chat with Feng Qingtian when he was bored, and he talked about how men could preserve their looks. Sometimes, he would complain about how the women didn’t seem to age at all.

Feng Qingtian didn’t care about this matter at all. After all, his wife liked only him.

“Don’t be so confident. Gu Yunjing hasn’t gotten married in twenty years and hasn’t even touched a woman. Bao’er is about to give up on finding a woman for him. He only has eyes for your woman. He’s better than you at keeping his looks.”

And so, Feng Qingtian threw Su Shenfan out of his house.

The End