Chapter 1: Drugged  

“Where the heck am I?!”

An exclamation burst out in the dark woods.

Gu Bailu was sitting on a pile of dry leaves, her head dizzy and her body as hot as if it were on fire.

She looked at her clothes. Dear God. Wasn’t this ancient attire?

What era was she in?

Also, what was with this burning feeling that made her want to take off her clothes? She hurriedly examined herself, only to discover that she had been drugged. 8And she could only get the drug out of her system through sex.

There wasn’t even a ghost in these pitch black woods – where on earth was she going to find someone to help get rid of the drug? 6There was the howling of wolves in the distance. Gu Bailu frowned. Did she have to look for a beast?

Dear heavens, she couldn’t waste her first time on an animal!

While she was thinking this, her body got even hotter and her eyes glistened. The thought that had popped into her head made her want to kill herself.

She struggled forward, hoping to find some herbs to suppress her desires for now.

This was an uninhabited forest that looked murky in the scant moonlight.

Gu Bailu walked for a while before she couldn’t take it anymore. She fell to the ground. The feeling inside her body was both strange and uncomfortable.

“Huh...” Somebody suddenly moaned. Gu Bailu was shocked.

Dear god! Somebody was under her! The firm chest suggested that it was a man!

Touching the man’s chest, Gu Bailu felt herself get wet. The strange feeling made her extremely uncomfortable.

It was too dark for her to see the man’s face clearly. She could only see he had perfect contours, which suggested that he couldn’t be too ugly. His clothes were rather rough, and he seemed to be carrying a hatchet. Was he a local woodcutter?

“I’m in the middle of an emergency. Can I sleep with you?” asked Gu Bailu politely.

The man under her didn’t reply. Gu Bailu also felt that his skin was hot. “Dude, just consider it a colorful dream...” Gu Bailu took off his pants. In the cold breeze, the man moaned and opened his sharp eyes. “What are you doing?”

His voice was as cold as ice. Gu Bailu was quite stunned. Weren’t you dreaming? Why did you wake up?

This was getting awkward.

How should she respond?

I’m drugged, and you look like the antidote?

We ran into each other on such a late night in this forest. It’s destiny. Why don’t we do it?

It’s too cold and we should warm each other up?

Forget it! “I need to borrow a certain thing of yours.”

“A certain thing?” The man’s voice was so cold that Gu Bailu felt refreshed by it.

“Yes. One’s enough. It’s not like you have a lot of them... Where is it? Why can’t I feel it? Is this it? Why is it so soft? Hey, are you a man or not? Are you impotent?”

“Get lost.” The man growled in fury, a destructive air spreading out from his body.

Gu Bailu, on the other hand, felt none of it. She was so itchy that she had to cure herself, or she would die in the woods.

“Damn woman, take your filthy hand away.”

The man struggled to sit up, only to be pushed back by a tiny hand. Gu Bailu kissed him. “Shut up. It’s your privilege that I’m using you for my treatment. When you go to the brothel for this, you have to pay, and whoever you do it with has done it too many times. I, on the other hand, am completely fresh. You wouldn’t get to enjoy this if I wasn’t trying to save myself.”