the finale (8)(end)

” yes, xiao ‘ai, come back with aunty. don’t make mommy sad. ” as quan yan spoke, he and his sister grabbed onto little ai ‘er and unintentionally transferred their powers into her body.

shua shua shua!

suddenly, a dazzling light was released from little heart.

the seven-colored radiance disappeared in an instant, stunning everyone present.

“little heart? you’re awake?” chi jiao’s eyes couldn’t hide the joy in them as she hurriedly asked.

the surface of the little heart glowed with a seven-colored light. after a long time, two voices rang out at the same time.



bai wanxi and little heart’s voices rang out at the same time, making chi jiao feel as if it had been a lifetime.

“sister wanxi?” quan ye called out in disbelief.

even though bai wanxi’s voice overlapped with little love’s, quan jin could still recognize her voice at once.

” it’s me. that day, the heart of time and i merged with little love, and then our consciousness merged with little love. we needed four people who were fated with us to appear at the same time, and the abilities in their bodies could wake us up. and jiaojiao, you’re little love’s former master, so you could give birth to those four fated people. now that the four of us are together, little ai ‘er and i can finally wake up.” bai wanxi’s gentle voice came from little ai’s heart.

“yes, master, we’ve been waiting for a long time, and we can finally see you again! although we don’t have a physical body, our consciousness is still here, and we can always be with master!” little ai said excitedly.

” wow, it’s really aunty and little ai ‘er! you guys really know how to talk! ” quan ye and quan xiaojiao exclaimed in unison.

“wait a minute, didn’t you say you wanted four fated people? aren’t there only two?” xu ye looked at the two little buns and couldn’t figure out where these four fated people came from.

” could it be ... ” quan ye had a bold guess in his heart as he looked at chi jiao’s stomach.

chi jiao’s heart tightened as she asked in disbelief, ” “could it be that i’m pregnant again?”

bai wanxi and little heart laughed at the same time. bai wanxi continued, ” “this time, we can see the birth of the twins in your stomach. as long as the four children are here, we can stay awake.”

“is there a baby in mommy’s stomach?” quan ye and quan xiaojiao looked at each other and laughed. their eyes were filled with unconcealed joy. they jumped out of their parents ‘arms and exclaimed excitedly,”mommy is carrying a baby! we’re going to be big brothers and big sisters!”

when chi jiao heard that, she also stretched out her hand and gently covered her stomach.

immediately after, quan mo’s hand followed and covered chi jiao’s hand. his expression was gentle as they interlocked their fingers, feeling the joy of the arrival of a new life together.

the spring breeze in march was just right, and everything would have the best ending.

(end of this book)

ending speech ~

thank you for your support, my precious babies. this book has ended perfectly! i’ll see you in the next book!

the next book’s pre-collection had already started. the title was ” i raised the crown prince with a salted fish. ” it was an anti-routine and child-loving novel. the man was strong, the woman was strong, and the sweet love was carried out. it was no longer scary! it should be an official serialization after the new year. young masters, you can collect it and give fei ‘er a boost in the activity of your book friends circle! love you!

“the next book will be pre-received in the next few days. my dear babies, please pay attention to fei ‘er’s movements. the next book will be in the style of sweet pampers. there will be no horror nor heavy taste!” only sweet pampers! it was true! you have to believe me!

i love you, and i hope that you will still be with me in the future. let’s meet in the next book! muah!