Chapter 1714: Three Chaos Dojos!

Lin Feng descended to the Scarlet Dojo. With a sweep of his mental power, he investigated the situation in the Scarlet Dojo clearly. It was obvious at a glance that there was no Chiliocosm Sovereign in the current Scarlet Dojo, but the many Three-star Supremacies still allowed Lin Feng to see its foundation.

As expected of a hegemon-level dojo, it was far stronger than the Chaos Dojo.

Of course, no matter how deep their foundation was, it was useless. Any dojo relied on a powerful Chiliocosm Sovereign. Without a powerful Chiliocosm Sovereign, the dojo would collapse at once.historical

If not for Lin Fengs deterrence, the Scarlet Dojo would probably have long been divided among the other Chiliocosm Sovereign factions.

Lin Feng entered the hall of the Scarlet Dojo directly. All the Supremacies trembled under this terrifying pressure, and lowered their heads in submission.

There might also be loyalists in the dojo, but there were simply too few of them.

The Supremacies were all very realistic. What difference would it make to follow another Chiliocosm Sovereign? Changing a Chiliocosm Sovereign actually had no impact on them at all. It was all the same. All they cared about was that small amount of benefits.

Lin Feng naturally had use for these Supremacies. These Supremacies were still needed to manage the small chiliocosms of the Scarlet Dojo, Lin Feng naturally had no intention of eliminating them, because it was meaningless.

“Greetings, Your Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign!’

Lin Feng sat high on the throne. All the Supremacies knelt on the ground. They felt that the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign in front of them was even stronger than Chiliocosm Sovereign Scarlet.

This was naturally a good thing. The stronger the Chiliocosm Sovereign, the more small chiliocosms he could occupy. Then, they would naturally be able to obtain more benefits. Why would they not be happy to accept it?

Lin Feng glanced at the many Supremacies below and said in a low voice,

“Who’s the Supremacy in charge?”

The many Supremacies looked at each other. Actually, there was no such thing as a Supremacy in charge. They were all Three-star Supremacies, and had all listened to the orders of the two pseudo Chiliocosm Sovereigns previously.

Now that the Chiliocosm Sovereign was no longer around, Supremacies like them were pushed to the front of the stage instead.

In the end, a burly Three-star Supremacy braced himself and stepped forward. “Your Majesty, I’ve been following Chiliocosm Sovereign Scarlet for a long time. If Your Majesty has any questions, I’ll be certain to tell you the truth.’

Lin Feng nodded and said. “Let me ask vou. how manv small chiliocosms are there under the Scarlet Dojo at the moment?”

“The Scarlet Dojo currently occupies 1,099 small chiliocosms. Among them, more than 900 small chiliocosms have already been completely occupied. Dozens of smaller chiliocosms are still in the process of being occupied. They should all be completely occupied after some time.”

Lin Feng nodded and continued to ask, “Is there any small chiliocosm origin in the Scarlet Dojo?”

“Yes, but most of them are stored in His Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign’s small chiliocosm. Only a small portion has yet to be handed over to His Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign. They are currently stored in the treasure vault.’

Lin Feng was a little disappointed, but this was normal. How precious was small chiliocosm origin? How could Chiliocosm Sovereigns leave it anywhere else at will? Only one’s own small chiliocosm was the safest.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng swept Chiliocosm Sovereign Scarlet and Chiliocosm Sovereign Irised Light into the River of Spacetime. When they reached the end of time, Chiliocosm Sovereign Scarlet and Chiliocosm Sovereign Irised Light were both reduced to ashes. The small chiliocosm origin in their internal small chiliocosms was naturally reduced to ashes.

No power could withstand the corrosion of time.

Lin Feng also could not obtain the small chiliocosm origin in the bodies of the two hegemonial Chiliocosm Sovereigns alone.

Although it was a pity, this was already within Lin Fengs expectations. Hence, he nodded and continued, “Send a message to the Supremacies of the 1,099 small chiliocosms immediately, informing them that the Scarlet Dojo no longer exists. However, the Chaos Dojo is still around. They will still harvest the small chiliocosm origin the same way as before. The rules will not change at all. In fact…

Lin Feng paused for a moment and saw the longing gazes of many Supremacies below. He naturally knew what these people were looking forward to. Up until now, Lin Fengs Chaos Dojo only had one pseudo Chiliocosm Sovereign, while ordinary hegemon-level Dojos had two or even three pseudo Chiliocosm Sovereigns.

This meant that there was a vacancy, and everyone had a chance.

“In fact, if anyone performs the best, I am willing to bestow them a

Chiliocosm Sovereign-level Boundary Stone!”

As soon as Lin Feng finished speaking, all the Supremacies were overjoyed.

A Chiliocosm Sovereign. Even a pseudo Chiliocosm Sovereign was the highest goal that countless Supremacies dreamed of attaining. Wasn’t the highest achievement of these Supremacies who used the Boundary Stone to become a Chiliocosm Sovereign?

Now that Lin Feng had given them this opportunity, even if it was only a little hope, this little hope was enough to make all the Supremacies work in a


These were just minor methods to rope people in. They were not worth mentioning. Lin Feng did not intend to go back on his word. In fact, he had already begun to make preparations. If he had enough small chiliocosm origin, he would nurture two more Chiliocosm Sovereign-level Boundary

Stones and “create” two pseudo Chiliocosm Sovereigns, who would guard the Scarlet Dojo and the Irised Light Dojo respectively.

This way, each of the three Chaos Dojos would have a Chiliocosm Sovereign presiding over it. They were enough to handle most matters.

“Take me to the treasure vault.’

Lin Feng asked the Supremacy of the Scarlet Dojo to bring him to the treasure vault of the dojo.

The treasure vault was still intact and undamaged.

These Supremacies also knew very well that although Chiliocosm Sovereign Scarlet was dead, there would definitely be a Chiliocosm Sovereign coming to take over the Scarlet Dojo. Who would dare to destroy the treasure vault? Not only would they not dare to destroy it, they would even guard it diligently.

Once the treasure vault was damaged, all the Supremacies in the dojo would probably be unable to bear the consequences of failure.

Lin Feng entered the treasure vault and realized that there was a dazzling array of treasures inside. There were all kinds of supreme treasures, secret treasures, and even some miraculous items in the small chiliocosm. There was simply everything.

If used by Three-star Supremacies, some of these supreme treasures could even make them invincible among Three-star Supremacies.

“l didn’t expect Chiliocosm Sovereign Scarlet to plunder so many supreme treasures. Unfortunately, he was a little stingy and didn’t reward many to the

Supremacies of the Scarlet Dojo.”

Lin Feng shook his head. No matter how precious a supreme treasure was, if no one used it, it would be useless. It was simply a waste. Of course he would not leave these supreme treasures lying in a forgotten corner, so he stored them all in the small chiliocosm.

Finally, Lin Feng also saw the small chiliocosm origin in the treasure vault. It was indeed a small fraction, only about 30 portions. Thirty portions of small chiliocosm origin, and complete portions at that. If they were given to those One-cataclysm or Two-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns, there was no knowing how excited they would be.

However, in the eyes of a Four-cataclysm hegemon, dozens of portions of small chiliocosm origin were indeed not worth mentioning.

Lin Feng did not mind. He swept all this small chiliocosm origin into his internal small chiliocosm and returned to the hall.

Soon, the people from the Chaos Dojo arrived as well. Lin Feng asked the people from the Chaos Dojo to take over the Scarlet Dojo, while he asked the Chiliocosm Sovereign Epoch to formulate a detailed “contribution” system.

They even included the Irised Light Dojo in the “contribution” system as well. As long as one’s contribution reached a certain level, they could redeem secret techniques and supreme treasures. These were all publicly redeemed. It was simple and clear.

This way, with just a small trick, all the Supremacies of the Irised Light Dojo and the Scarlet Dojo immediately became loyal. They completely forgot their previous identities and became members of the Chaos Dojo.

The three Chaos Dojos complemented each other. They could be considered unique in the entire medium chiliocosm. For a moment, Lin Fengs reorganization attracted the attention of the other dojo factions.

Some dojo factions even sent some congratulatory gifts to Lin Feng. Lin Feng accepted them one by one. This meant that Lin Feng and the Chaos Dojo had completely integrated into the system of hegemonial factions..