I had 2 days to hunt as many creatures as I could find, but it took me a few minutes to realize that the only creatures were these things, I couldn't understand why they were using Abyss Creatures in a tournament involving Deities, everything I've heard to date says that these things are enemies of the Gods.

I can't understand why the Gods are using their enemies in a tournament organized by them.

I also didn't have the full context to think about it now, so I could only put that thought aside for now, after the tournament I could go to the Communal Temple inside the Dungeon to try and talk to my mother, as the Goddess of Blood she must know about this.

"Where should I go now?"(I)

At my feet there were two Creatures from the Abyss falling apart, the death of these things is always very strange, it's as if every part of them was annihilated from the universe.

I had never noticed many things from the previous times I fought against these things, such as their Aura being of pure annihilation, corroding even the space where they are.

When any creature dies, its life naturally disappears, its body is swallowed to nourish nature and its energy is dispersed in the environment, everything from a creature is reused in the cycle of life.

But with the Creatures of the Abyss, it is different, they are continually suppressed by nature and when they are defeated every body is rejected by the universe and is eradicated.

"I don't think the direction really matters."(I)

I spread my wings flying away, it only takes a few seconds to be found by the Creatures of the Abyss, their senses more charged than mine.

This time they have wings and claws that resemble birds, they move in coordination, attacking from all directions.

"< Space Magic: Space Predator >" (I)

Exploding my Aura in the surroundings formed a link with the surroundings, Nature's own mana following my command forms a magical circle around which I immediately activate, causing transparent heads of Leeches to emerge from the space itself, tearing off at least one of the limbs of these Creatures of the Abyss.

As always, the Creatures of the Abyss don't care about any kind of injury as they continue their attack against me, but I still managed to have enough time to act, the sword of crystallized blood in my hand as I finished off all my enemies.

"Something is different about them..." (I)

I look at the Abyss Creatures I just defeated, they were weaker than the others, but their movements were more precise and intelligent.

At that moment I felt something and looked back, there was another candidate looking at me, His Aura filled with pure evil as he threw a medal towards me that broke into pieces making a hole in the space where an Abyss Creature came out, it was large and had a humanoid shape, as soon as it set eyes on me it attacked without expecting anything, its movements extremely fast.

His arms were scythes coming towards me, his speed and strength making the space ripple around him, I took advantage of this ripple in space to make him dodge one way while I go the other."< Holy Execution Ray >" (I)

When he turns towards me, a magic circle was already activated a few centimeters away, a red beam descends from the sky, hitting the Creature of the Abyss, hammering him against the ground.

Without wasting time I went after the bastard who tried to throw this problem at me, I pushed with the wings in the direction I felt him going and thanks to that I found him a few minutes later.

"< Earth Prison >" (I)

Noticing a surprise attack, I use Earth magic to defend on one side while trapping the other competitor along with me, but to do so he just smiles as he turns towards me, everything around changing as following his wish, the Holy Power emanating without end his body seemed to be filled with screams.

"Who are you?"(I)

"Who I am is not important..."

As he spoke, blood crystals come out of his body like thorns, tearing him into pieces held together by crystals, and the space that was still changing returns to normal.

I ran towards the candidate to make sure he was dead, but as soon as I got closer I noticed something wrong, an attack came from above and another from below, the world around me changed completely in a matter of half a second as we dealt with the body it just disappears.

"I liked your tactics kid, now pass your Essence to me!"

The two who attacked me were the same person, he was a Human, but his appearance and Aura were that of a Demon, I only knew that he was Human because of feeling the lineage in his body.

"< Breath of Chaos >" (I)

I didn't waste time talking, I was inside the enemy territory, so I attacked him directly, with one of my strongest attacks while transforming into a Dragon.lights

I used my Aura and Authority in my attack, strengthening it to the maximum, with that I finished off one of the two and injured the second or that's what I thought when a third appeared absorbing the remains of the one I thought I had defeated along with the second who was injured.

"I will let you free this time, son of the Blood Goddess, but our conversation is far from over."

The whole time he smiled as the world around me turned to dust and his body with it until I was back inside the earthen prison I created completely alone.

"But what was that?"(I)

I didn't know who that man was or his reason for attacking me, he talked about me handing over my Essence to him, but I don't know if he was serious or it was just a way to throw me off his true intention.

I knew I had to be careful, but it seems that I may have more enemies than I know, Elizabeth has already told me before how much there are Deities wanting to be elevated to true Gods, I imagine that there may be some crazy people among them who act with us Evil Gods.

"(I don't know if he was a Demigod or a Minor God, but he clearly must be part of a Demonic Religion.)" (I)

"I'm going after the one from before..." (I)

I refreshed my mind with some alcohol before flying to where I was before, but I found another competitor's body on the ground while there were even bigger footprints than I remembered nearby, it was visible that the creature was intelligent and growing.

When I got close to the competitor his body was just an illusion, but I had already fallen into the trap, of course, I didn't give up letting him catch me.

"< Teleportation >" (I)

With so little time I was unable to defend or attack, so I activated a Spiritual Rune on my body along with a spatial magic creating a quick short-range Teleportation.

When I appeared in the sky I saw the creature on the ground already turning towards me, it was the same as before and was hiding underground, in its 6 eyes it was possible to see more than just instinct, which was confirmed when several pairs of hands came out of his body using a warrior's attacks.

"< Teleportation >" (I)

"< Sacred Eclipse Dragon Claw >" (I)

I concentrated my Authority and my Holy power in one of the arms while in my Dragon firm, when I teleported behind the Abyss Creature there was a small time interval of less than 1 second that allowed me to act.

I was ready when my fist touched his body, half of it painted the trees on the other side while everything was destroyed in a straight line with the power of the blow, I was happy with my progress so far.

"I hope you're dead now."(I)


I looked at the corpse from afar as it was disappearing just to make sure.

After a short rest and some blood, I was new again, so came hunting, this time I quickly killed those easier ones while looking for some stronger ones, and thanks to this I realized that the Creatures of the Abyss were mutating more bankrupt than I imagined, they were adapting by consuming the remains of animals that they didn't even know they had around and the trees themselves in the surroundings.

These things adapt by eating and other than that the only other thing they do is destroy, even though I noticed these things while I was hunting, I didn't stop to study them in depth, it doesn't seem worth doing something like that.

"I would like to know how the points will be counted, but I will leave that until the results are read, for now, it is starting to get dark, I will prepare for the night."(I)

"So you are the guest of the Great God Cratos?"

"Can we spend the night together? I mean on a joint camping trip, don't get me wrong."

"And who would you be? I apologize if I'm too blunt, but that's my normal way of speaking."(I)

"I don't mind, I prefer it more informal anyway."

Suddenly a young man appears near me, of course even though I have a youthful appearance, I am still smaller in height, but I left that aside before talking to him since his Aura shows devotion to the God of Beasts.

The strange thing was that I thought it was a man, but suddenly it looks like a woman now, I can't understand anything.

"(She's a good person, but I don't know if she'll be upset or angry when she finds out that being around me could be considered the worst possible place?)" (I)