Kyle snapped his eyes and looked at Bia with a questioning gaze.

'Why do I feel like I missed something very very important? Also, why are you speaking like you know this boar very well!'

Bia chuckled. Of course, she had to find a source of food because even after a long time Kyle did not emerge out from the shield. In the end, she decided to befriend the large boar and she succeeded.

The boar was very kind and considerate! He offered her a lot of delicious fruits! However, now was not the time to divulge in this matter. Bia eyed Kyle with a serious expression.

-'Are you alright? According to Haylee, you spend four whole days in the strange shield!'

Kyle's eyes widened.

"What? I was unconscious for four days!"

He could not help but suck in a deep breath and it finally dawned on him that he was in the middle of a breakthrough before he lost consciousness. Kyle's heart thundered in his chest when he stopped focusing on his tired body and noticed his strength.

He froze and pinched himself with utter disbelief.

"Am I imagining?"

Bia heard his murmur and snuggled closer to his neck with a worried expression. Kyle's eyes turned crescent and a wide smile appeared on his face. If not for his limp body he would have probably started sprinting due to the amount of happiness he was feeling right now.

"Bia! I broke through!"

Bia hissed due to his sudden movement and tapped his neck.

-'I know, don't tell me you turned crazy after spending four days in the shield.'

"No no! it's not a normal breakthrough! I jumped a whole rank! I am (S-)-Rank right now! OMG, I can't believe this!"

Kyle could not help but gasp at his strength. He becomes so strong in the blink of an eye! He recalled how jumping to a higher rank is so hard and he was damn sure he needed one more year to reach (S-)-Rank even if he consumed a lot of treasures! He laughed out loudly almost ready to stretch his stiff body and go for a long run. However, a clear deep voice shattered his happy movement. It was the white boar. He made his way toward Kyle with a curious expression.

"Indeed I still can not sense anything from you. Can you release your aura for a second?"

He looked at Kyle with blazing eyes because he wanted to know what type of high-grade artifact the kid used to hide everything about himself.

Kyle thought for a few seconds and after confirming with Bia that the boar would not harm him he gingerly held out his hand with bright eyes.

"Okay but before give me back the vial you snatched from Bia. It's very useful!"

A speechless expression appeared on the boar's face. He could not help but scoff. If not for Bia he would have already slapped this brat away. Still, he took out the vial and placed it in Kyle's palm.

Kyle's eyes gleamed when he eyed the vial. This treasure was very precious! He would use half of it and sell the other half to earn a large amount of wealth! hehe.

He chuckled and released his aura. In an instant cold wind spread out from his body and a strong (S-)-Rank aura appeared around him.

The boar sensed his aura and asked about the reason why he could not feel Kyle's rank but he did not get any answer. So, he just gave Kyle a reluctant nod and told him everything about the divine essence.

After an hour, Kyle's expression was grim as he looked at the boar.

"So, you are saying you are not useful because in this realm you can not help or harm anyone due to the rules but you want to follow me?"

The boar nodded. He was not allowed to kill because if he did he would fall into a deep slumber. He could only pressure or injure others to make them summit.lightsnovel

Kyle gazed at Bia. He wanted to slap his past self who ran away after sensing the boar pressure. After another minute of discussion, he agreed.

"Alright, you can follow us silently. You are not useful but if we are in danger just release your pressure on our enemies so they run away."

Haylee agreed immediately. It was not a bad deal.

Kyle stretched his body and patted his clothes before looking around with a frown.

"Now we just need the find an exit."

When he talked about the exit, the boar raised his paw with a guilty expression.

lightsΝοvel "I hid the exit...."

Kyle narrowed his eyes and placed Bia on his head. He staggered forward and patted the boar's body with a smile. Strangely his eyes were fixed on the boar's large wings.

"Haylee led the way. Also... if only I could ride you...?"

Bia almost tripped on his head and hid her head inside his hair.


However, Kyle didn't care about her and looked at the boar with an expectant expression. It seemed he could still fulfill his shattered dreams.

Haylee raised his brow and eyed Kyle with a mischievous glint.

"You just reached (S-)-Rank. So, I believe you can fly now. There is no need for you to ride me."

Kyle's shattered dreams of riding a huge beast drifted away with the wind. He sighed with a lost expression.

'It seems I am not fated to ride a large flying beast.'

On the other hand, Haylee chuckled and with a wave of his paw a long narrow path opened in front of Kyle. He pointed at the path and before Kyle could question him further his huge body turned into a flash of light and vanished within the shadows to follow behind Kyle quietly.

Kyle groaned and entered the opening to finally leave this mountain.


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