Chapter 2146  : Chapter 2145-killing the wind race

Lu Ming left immediately after razing the Skywolf tower to the ground. His next stop was the WAN family.

This time, he would not let any of the Wind Clan, the WAN family, and the purple Extreme sect off.

Before he returned to the divine wilderness continent, he wanted to raze all of these factions to the ground and get rid of them forever.

The next one would be the WAN family!

The WAN family was the first to have a feud with Lu Ming. It could be said that they would not rest until one of them was dead.

Unfortunately, when Lu Ming arrived at the WAN family, they were already empty. All the people above the sage realm had left, leaving only those below the sage realm.

Lu Ming could not be bothered to kill those below the Saint stage. He was not a bloodthirsty person.

However, he still took down a few people and asked about the whereabouts of the WAN family.

“The family head and the others should have gone to the Wind Clan!”

An elder from the WAN family spoke in fear. He was afraid that Lu Ming would kill them in a fit of anger.

“The wind race? It seems like you’re waiting for me at the wind tribe!”

Lu Ming narrowed his eyes slightly.

this matter doesn’t seem to be that simple. Since they know that I control the celestial Emperor’s corporeal body and still dare to wait for me at the wind tribe, they must have something to rely on. Could it be that a great emperor is behind this?”

Lu Ming kept thinking in his mind.

He felt that it was highly possible, because the whole thing was very strange.

As soon as he returned, he was ambushed by the wind race, the WAN family, the Golden Crow race, and other forces.

By right, these people were not that bold because uncle Kong was around. Uncle Kong had once said that before Lu Ming became a Martial Emperor, the other party was not allowed to send out people above the rank of Martial Emperor to deal with Lu Ming.

However, this time, the other party had sent experts to ambush them.

Even if the other party wanted to ambush them, they should not be in the ancient Moon Holy Land. Or rather, they would not personally send people but hire assassins. That was the only way to be safe. If Lu Ming did not die and the news was leaked, uncle Kong would not let them off.

However, since the other party dared to do this, they most likely had something to rely on!

Lu Ming did not go to the wind tribe immediately.

no matter who’s behind this, let’s settle this once and for all!

Lu Ming’s eyes flashed with killing intent.magic

At present, the celestial Thearch’s body had stored thirty-six percent of his energy. Previously, when he killed the Golden Crow clan and the Sirius tower, the strongest of the two forces was only an advanced-stage true Emperor. Lu Ming did not consume much energy.

This was his confidence!

He wanted to completely annihilate the Wind Clan, the WAN family, and the purple Extreme sect.

However, if the other party had a great emperor behind him, he wouldn’t be able to do it alone. He would need to borrow strength.

Lu Ming immediately sent a message to uncle Kong and headed to the Phoenix Palace.

When Lu Ming arrived at the Phoenix Palace, the entire place was in an uproar.

Lu Ming’s current reputation was too well-known.

Soon, Lu Ming met the palace Master in the main hall of the Phoenix Palace.

“Lu Ming, why have you come to the Phoenix Palace to find me?”

The Phoenix Palace’s Palace Lord asked directly.

I’d like to ask for Phoenix Palace’s help to annihilate the wind race, the WAN family, and the purple Extreme sect!

Lu Ming went straight to the point and explained his intention.

The Phoenix Palace’s Palace Master furrowed her brows and seemed to be in deep thought.

“Lu Ming, are you confident?”

The Phoenix Palace Lord asked. This concerned the future of the Phoenix Palace, so he had to be cautious.

yes, even if the other party has a great emperor behind him, he will still die. It’s difficult to change that!

Lu Ming was extremely confident.

alright, I promise you. I’ll invite the leaders of some other forces to work together and destroy the Wind Clan, the WAN family, and the purple Extreme sect!

The Phoenix Palace’s Palace Lord made a decision.

The Wind Clan was one of the ancient clans, with deep foundations and powerful strength. Ever since the Wind Clan appeared, they had been suppressing the other forces of the ancient Moon Holy Land.

Especially after the conflict between Lu Ming and the wind tribe was triggered and he killed Feng wuchen, the wind tribe’s prodigy, those forces that were on good terms with Lu Ming were suppressed by the wind tribe.

They had long wanted to resist.

thank you, Palace Master. I’ll make another trip to the divine elephant sect!

Lu Ming expressed his gratitude and left the Phoenix Palace, heading towards the divine elephant sect.

The divine elephant sect, like the Phoenix Palace, agreed very quickly. They would also invite some forces to fight together.

Half a day later, the palace Master of Phoenix Palace and the sect master of divine elephant sect sent a voice transmission to Lu Ming. The matter had been decided. A total of ten powerful forces would take action.

All the forces had agreed to meet at the Phoenix Palace.

Lu Ming also headed toward the Phoenix Palace. When he arrived, the ten major forces had all arrived.

Moreover, the Masters of the ten major forces had all come together. This time, all the major forces had almost used all their strength to destroy the Feng clan.

“Seniors, wait a moment. I will start the battle first. If the situation doesn’t look right, you can retreat first!”

Lu Ming said.

If the other party had too strong an expert that even he could not defeat, then the forces like Phoenix Palace would only be courting death if they went up. He had to be on guard against this.

Everyone nodded. Naturally, they would not joke about the fate of the entire force.

“I’ll take my leave first!”

With that, Lu Ming stepped into the air and headed in the direction of the Wind Clan.

Not long after Lu Ming left, the people from the top ten forces also set off for the wind tribe.

Lu Ming’s speed was extremely fast. Soon, a towering mountain appeared in front of him.

The wind race’s base was originally in a small world, but ever since they were born, they had built many majestic palaces in the ancient Moon sanctuary.

From afar, one could see that on the towering mountains were many luxurious palaces.

Lu Ming stepped on the air and headed toward the mountain where the wind tribe was.

“Who is it?”

Someone noticed Lu Ming and shouted.

“The person who will kill you!”

Lu Ming said coldly. He threw a punch and the person in front of him was shattered into pieces.

He was only an Emperor-to-be. Naturally, he was killed by Lu Ming in seconds.

“You are Lu Ming!”

Someone recognized Lu Ming and immediately shouted.

“Lu Ming is attacking!”

“Lu Ming is attacking!”

Loud roars reverberated throughout the wind tribe.

Emperor tianluo, the goateed Emperor, the head of the Feng clan, the WAN clan, and the sect master of the purple Extreme sect were in the middle of a discussion when they heard a roar from outside.

“It’s finally here!”

A cold smile appeared on the goateed Emperor’s face as he walked out.

The others all followed.

Outside the wind tribe, Lu Ming stood in the void, his eyes cold.

“The wind race sent people to ambush me. Do they really think I have a good temper and can be manipulated as they please? Today, I’ll flatten the wind race!”

Lu Ming shouted. His voice was like thunder, rumbling in the sky.

The celestial Thearch sword appeared and Lu Ming slashed out. An extremely huge sword slashed down at the wind tribe mountain with earth-shattering power. It was extremely terrifying.

Many disciples of the wind race were trembling in fear as they shouted madly.

“Lu Ming, you are the one who will die today!”

die! a cold shout came from the mountain of the Wind Clan. A figure rushed into the sky. Then, a giant palm appeared out of thin air. It was even bigger than a mountain. It blocked out the sky and grabbed the giant sword.


The mountains trembled, and the world rumbled. Lu Ming’s sword was blocked. The sword light scattered, and a figure appeared in the sky.

It was the goateed Emperor..