Chapter 2144: Lu Ming’s killing intent

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

On this day, Lu Ming headed in the direction of the Thunder God sect alone.

This time, mu Qingxue, ye Dongfang, and the other geniuses of the younger generation of the ancient Moon Holy Land had invited Lu Ming to a gathering place near the Thunder God sect.

This place was very luxurious, and there were elegant and Noble restaurants.

When Lu Ming arrived, there were at least dozens of young elites from the various sects of ancient Moon Holy Land. They came to welcome and celebrate Lu Ming’s arrival.

These young people might not be much on a big stage like the battle of the ten lands, but in the ancient Moon Holy Land, they were all top talents, the pillars of the ancient Moon Holy Land in the future.

Everyone toasted each other and it was very lively.

The banquet ended after half a day and Lu Ming took his leave.

He planned to return to the Azure continent with Qiu Yue, Xue ningxin, and Tian Chui in a few days.

As Lu Ming flew, he was thinking about his next plan.

All of a sudden, Lu Ming’s hair stood on end. He felt a sense of danger approaching. Without any hesitation, Lu Ming retreated frantically.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In front of Lu Ming, a few terrifying wind blades cut open the space and slashed across.

Following that, the space behind Lu Ming trembled and a few rays of light shot towards him.

They were monarch weapons that could pierce through space with terrifying power.


Lu Ming exploded. He circulated all five types of laws and cast the chaos Divine palm, striking out a few times in a row.

Thump! Thump!

A few monarch weapons were sent flying.

“Three-star illusionary Emperor!”

As soon as they exchanged blows, Lu Ming could feel that the person controlling the sovereign weapon was a three-star illusionary Emperor.

Si la!

The wind whistled above Lu Ming’s head, and heat waves rolled. A huge claw grabbed at Lu Ming. It was extremely terrifying.

Lu Ming would definitely die if he was scratched by this claw!


Lu Ming burst out and cast the divine power of the sword of death. A combat sword formed and he slashed upward.


A huge claw was cut off by Lu Ming.

“A four-star illusionary Emperor!”

Lu Ming’s gaze turned colder.

golden Crow race, Wan family, and wind race, you’re all looking for death!

Lu Ming shouted angrily.

The ones who had just attacked were the experts of the wind race, the WAN family, and the Golden Crow race.

They were all three-star void emperors and above.


A loud roar was heard. Then, figures flashed and charged at Lu Ming.

Lu Ming discovered that not only were there people from the Wind Clan, Wan family, and golden Crow clan, but there were also people from the Skywolf tower and the purple Extreme sect.

Lu Ming was drowned in a terrifying aura. Some people’s cultivation levels were extremely terrifying.

“High-level illusionary divine!”

Lu Ming’s eyes turned solemn.

Among them, there were five star, six star, and even Seven Star void emperors.

“Lu Ming, you’re dead for sure today!”

Someone coldly spoke.


A giant wolf pounced at Lu Ming. Its aura was violent and cold. It was a four-star illusionary Emperor.

“You’re the one who’s going to die!”

Lu Ming held the sword of death and slashed it.

During this period of time, Lu Ming’s sword of death and hammer of chaos, the two self-created divine ability techniques, became more and more powerful as he continued to comprehend.historical

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Blood gushed out, and a huge wolf head was chopped off.

A four-star illusionary Emperor was killed by Lu Ming in seconds.

This made the others shiver and break out in cold sweat.

This was too terrifying.

He was only an Emperor-to-be, but he was able to kill a four-star void Emperor in seconds. This was simply incredible. Such a thing had never happened before.

this kid is even more terrifying than he was in the ten lands battle. We can’t let him Live!

“Let’s attack together!”

A series of roars sounded.

Indeed, Lu Ming had now cultivated the alchemy Dao laws and had mastered six types of laws. His combat strength had increased by another level.


This time, the high-level void emperors also made their move. Five-star, six-star, and even seven-star void emperors all took action.

One after another, terrifying divine abilities were about to drown Lu Ming, wind race, golden Crow race, Wan family, Purple Extreme sect, Skywolf tower, you’re seeking your own death!

Lu Ming’s gaze was extremely cold.

Back then, he had sworn to destroy the Golden Crow race, the WAN family, and other forces.

However, he had not planned to make a move now. He had planned to wait until he returned to the divine wilderness continent before making a move. But now, these factions had actually taken the initiative to ambush him. He would just have to get rid of these factions!


The sword howled and a stone sword appeared in Lu Ming’s hand.

It was the celestial Emperor’s sword!

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!

Lu Ming waved his sword and slashed out a terrifying sword light. Instantly, there were screams.

In an instant, a six-star illusionary Emperor, two four-star illusionary emperors, and three three-star illusionary emperors were cut in half by the sword. The terrifying sword Qi in the sword annihilated their souls.

oh no, it’s the celestial Emperor’s sword. He can control the celestial Emperor’s corporeal body. Run, run!

The remaining void emperors were almost scared to death. They roared madly and fled frantically.

“Since you’ve come, you must all die!”

Lu Ming’s eyes were filled with a cold light as he slashed out with the celestial Emperor’s sword.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Tiny sword Qi entered the air and slashed at those people.

In the next moment, there were continuous screams. The people who came to kill Lu Ming were killed one after another.

In the face of the heavenly Emperor sword, the void Emperor was too weak, like an ant.

Whether it was a seven-star illusionary Emperor or a three-star illusionary Emperor, there was no difference under the heavenly Emperor’s sword. They were all killed with one sword.

In just a few breaths, Lu Ming had killed more than ten experts.

the celestial Emperor’s corporeal body has stored thirty-six percent of the energy. The power of the celestial Emperor’s sword has also increased by a large margin. Moreover, thirty-six percent of the energy is enough to destroy several forces!

A cold glint flashed in Lu Ming’s eyes. He then put away the celestial Emperor’s sword and started to collect the spoils of war.

These people were all at the Martial Emperor realm and had abundant resources. Lu Ming would not miss this opportunity.

Lu Ming kept the storage rings one by one.

Lu Ming also put away the Skywolf tower and the corpses of the Golden Crow clan’s powerhouses.

This was the divine Wolf and golden Crow of the Martial Emperor realm. Their physical bodies were also very valuable.

After he was done, he looked in one direction and said coldly,” “Then let’s start with the Golden Crow Tribe!”

With that, Lu Ming turned into a ray of light and flashed away.

The Golden Crow race lived in a group of volcanoes.

Here, the flame energy was sufficient and could continuously absorb the sun Fire essence. It was a rare treasure land.

From time to time, he could see three-legged golden crows flying back and forth between the volcanoes.

“What’s that?”

Suddenly, one of the Golden crows cried out.

All of the Golden crows turned to look in the same direction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sky trembled, and an extremely huge combat sword appeared in the sky.

It was a stone sword, but it was too big, over a hundred miles long. It fell from the sky, slashing down towards the volcanoes where the Golden crows lived, as if it was a divine punishment from the gods.

The vast and terrifying aura almost scared the wits out of many golden crows, someone’s attacking! Run! Run!

Countless golden crows scattered in all directions.


The giant stone sword slashed down and the volcanoes exploded..