Let’s Not [Obliterate]: An OP MC Romance Details

Let’s Not [Obliterate]: An OP MC Romance



Slaying the Ancient Evil?Theora would rather sleep. The System is displeased with its strongest Heroine,because Theora keeps putting off completing her Main Quest.And when she finally arrives to meet the Ancient Evil,it introduces herself as a Dema—a cute demoness,who doesn’t wanna be killed.So,they do side quests instead. But their clock is ticking.The System won't tolerate being denied forever. Includes: —procrastinating on the Inevitable™ —very OP main characters —Dema shenanigans,Theora sleepy —sparks of hope when everything seems bleak —girl’s love&general queerness —some cute shit,maybe
Latest Chapter: Chapter 152: Interlude — Invent One
Chapter LIST(152 Chapter)